IT Procurement

IT Supply

Just Laptops is the leading IT supply & service specialist. We help many small businesses, schools and other organisations source their computer hardware, software and technology products as direct dealership. We are unique, because we are a one stop shop that offers computer upgrades and repairs as well as supply and  services. Our job will help you decide in buying or repairing your IT needs.

If you are in the market for hardware or software, we are your direct contact because our ability in sourcing out the best possible technology products at reasonable prices is always guaranteed, all thanks to our well maintained relationships with the local leading IT vendors. Flexible payment terms through various financial options enables you to allocate your source in ways that is comfortable for you, and most important of all, we guarantee our prices are always the best possible that we can offer and our mark-ups are always set to a state that you are getting a great deal.

Making the right hardware & software choices

Whether your business is looking to upgrade part or all of its existing IT systems or implement a new IT solution from scratch, the variety of hardware and software options available today can be overwhelming. Just Laptops strives to make this process easy by offering straight forward advice in plain English, so the pros and cons of various hardware or software solutions can be carefully weighed up and the best decision made.
Making decision between various hardware and software options is not always preferable for some people and it can be overwhelmingly confusing, therefore we are help to help you with selecting the best possible IT product which suits for you. Just Laptops strives to make this process simple by offer our knowledge and recommendation in simple ways so that you will understand the pros and cons in making the right decision for yourselves.

Sales, Support and Services

We cover more than laptop/computer hardware, software and other technology products. Our service team provides the best possible after-sale support and service to help you with your inquiries and issues. Our support team provides the solution that your business needs, and our service team have all the resources in stock ready for deliver. Just Laptops is confident to state that we are the back bone of many business.

Great product at best prices

Just Laptops enjoys close relationships with New Zealand’s leading computing and technology vendors. This is great news for our clients as it means we can source the very latest technology from all the big brands at incredibly low prices. Your deal is guaranteed!