GAMDIAS AGON Gaming Glove - GAG1000

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GAMDIAS AGON Gaming Glove - GAG1000

AGON Stylish Gaming Glove: GAG1000

Have you ever lost a game because your mouse slipped out of position in the heat of the battle? How about leaving sweat stains from having sweaty hand through anxious gaming moments? AGON gaming glove has the capability to prevent them from happening again with a touch of style. The implementation of supple lycra and leather gives great comfort and at the same time minimizes fatigue over extended period of play. An ergonomic wrist pad is another feature that reduces fatigue, with its exterior manufactured with silky cloth to eliminate any unwanted friction caused between the wrist pad and your mouse mat. Wear AGON, to feel what is like to control your own destiny.

Supple Lycra, Special Palm Material

AGON is made of permeable mesh, flexible leather and specially made palm material. It is comfortable to wear, supple & flexible, very easy to control your mouse. Ever lost an intensive battle because your mouse slipped out of your grip? Put on AGON and you won’t have to worry about such an incident. Agon is easy to take off after you win a battle. The unique design of the elastic loops makes it easy for you to take them off without any trouble.

Ergonomic Wrist Pad Reduces Fatigue.

Custom-made stylish gaming glove design provides better control, and removes from your hand easily. For extended gaming sessions, the optimized wrist pad reduces fatigue and hand numbness. The outside of the wrist pad is covered with silky cloth, which makes for very easy unhindered wrist movement. It can also help you to control or drift your mouse smoothly. AGON is an absolutely indispensable accessory for your gaming. Carpal tunnel syndrome? Wear AGON, take good care of your wrist!

Elastic Lycra and custom-made palm material - fitness, comfortable, breathable and easily control your mouse.

Loops for removing quickly - ensure easily removingl the glove.

Optimized wrist pad - Reduces fatigue and numbness of hand.

Velcro ergonomic cuff - Adjustable for comfortable wearing

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